Tommy Jaye – Small Business Specialist

Hello, my name is Tommy Jaye and I am quite pleased to meet you.  I am a “serial” entrepreneur – having launched and operated many businesses throughout my career.  A sample of these ventures are as follows:  

Regional CPA firm; Small Business consulting firm; Several retail establishments; Educational products Company; Small Business Brokerage Firm; Wholesale products Company and several others in which I had an ownership interest.   

I have always had a fondness for teaching others and taught at the college level for more than 15 years at a number of universities and junior colleges.  Further, while entrepreneuring, I was the workshop and seminar leader for every small business venture that I was part of.   

I’ve earned 2 bachelor’s degrees (accounting & marketing) and have a Master’s degree in finance.  I continue to offer consulting advice to small business owners, entrepreneurs and Micropreneurs alike by contributing articles, posts and other comments through various online and offline platforms.  

“The Micropreneur” is my latest  journey as an active business person .  It is a venture that I’ve wanted to publicly launch for many, many years.  Years ago, while in practice as a CPA and small business consultant, I began providing “leading edge”, “state-of-the-art” services to the smallest of the small businesses in my community, particularly to the “small fries,” as I called them. 

This was always an enjoyable and exciting experience as it provided my community’s small business owners and newly minted entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete effectively with their larger and more established counterparts. 

Reaching the small business community during the pre-internet year’s was always a challenge since most small business owners were inaccessible due to time and circumstance. Fortunately that has all changed due to the power of the digital age.  Today’s small business community can now enjoy the benefits of a “level” playing field as it develops, launches, grows and sustains its place within their contemporary marketplace. 

Because you are now smarter, faster and more mobile than ever, you, the small business owner and entrepreneur, have a distinct competitive advantage.  You are now capable of creating value that is uniquely attractive to your marketplace.  You can win by out-creating, out-thinking and out-hustling your competition. 

So, from this moment on I look forward  to assisting you, the small business owner (“the small fry”), the entrepreneur and Micropreneur to be the best you can at what you do. 

So now, without delay, let the fun begin, and let’s give those “big shots” all they can handle by proving that the little guy or gal on Main Street can be just as successful as those on Wall Street or as successful as You Micropreneurs would like to be.  

With Great Respect for You – The Smallest Business Owner, Entrepreneur &  Micropreneur.

Tommy Jaye, Small Business Coach, Mentor & Consultant


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  1. Dwayne Fazande said,

    Greeting My name is Dwayne. This is a Blessing that you are helping the small frie, or micro business owner. Often we forget that small business do more hiring than larger coporation. I’m interested in some of your services. I believe that every business owner should have a mentor. Hopefully, you can be my mentor. Thanks Dwayne Fazande

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