Micropreneur Defined

A “Micropreneur” is considered to be any person who develops, launches and operates a “Micro-Business.”

A “Micro-Business” is a business venture designed to create a small to moderate income stream without requiring much money or taking a lot of risk.  Micro-Businesses are designed to take advantage of special skills, talents, experiences or passionate activities (hobbies) that one possesses by creating a personalized business opportunity for themselves or their family. 

That’s the Tommy Jaye interpretation and here are a few more from other sources to round out the Micro-Business reach:

Micro-Business – A small business that has no more than 10 employees; others say 5 and surprisingly, some believe no employees at all other than the owner (non-employer businesses).

From a financial resource point of view, a small business that has capital requirements of $35,000 or less would be defined as a  Micro-Business while others limit that amount to no more than $25,000.

The most realistic definition of a Micro-Business may be as follows:

“The Micro-Business is the smallest of all businesses, created by a self-reliant person (who often considers him or herself a survivor), for purposes of earning  a living and making a life, and whose goal is not necessarily wealth and worldly goods, but rather a sustainable enterprise that can provide for the comfortable wellbeing of the owner and his or her’s family.” By Lloyd Lemons.

In closing, I might add that you’re welcome to create your own definition of the Micropreneur/Micro-Business, possibly by simply becoming one.


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