About the Micropreneur

This “blog”, entitled the “Micropreneur,” is dedicated to the small business community with an emphasis on the smallest of businesses that exist in today’s marketplace.  To me, no small business is so insignificant or unimportant that it doesn’t deserve the attention that this blog hopes to offer.

It is my profound belief that anyone can start a business and be successful at it.  I believe that one does not need to have a special education or huge amounts of money or other resources to make a business work successfully.

Operating a small business is a learnable experience and the risks associated with such an experience are quite manageable.  Yet, to this day, mainstream business pundits disagree warning of the many perils of starting any business in today’s post-recession economy.  However, these warnings have been echoed over and over throughout history while thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs have continued to launch new ventures and prove the experts wrong.

To be sure, businesses do fail and will continue to do so in the future.  Some small business owners just can’t seem to make their ventures work and as a result, either under-perform or close their businesses prematurely.

This blog hopes to change that pattern by offering all you small business owners useful information and practical suggestions to support your entrepreneurial journey.

To that purpose, the Mission of this blog is:

To help you, the small business owner, entrepreneur and Micropreneur, to develop, launch and grow a business of your choice, to a level and at a pace suitable to your needs, by providing relevant information and suggestions that are unique to your circumstances.

Always feel free to contact me – I will enjoy hearing your stories, answering your questions and learning from your comments and  suggestions. 

I am dedicated to being of service to you – the small business owner, entrepreneur and Micropreneur.

Tommy Jaye, Small Business Coach, Mentor and Consultant

Toll Free @ 888-946-0669  or  tommyjaye@aol.com  or  TheMicropreneur@aol.com






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